A Fresh Approach To Public Affairs

Pixel is a strategic consulting firm that works primarily with companies in the tech industry.

We work with high-growth businesses to devise and execute clear, concise high-level strategies for regulatory and Government interaction.

With extensive experience in Ireland and EMEA, we act as a bridge between high-growth businesses and Government.

Where Pixel Helps

Pixel brings high-level strategic support for high-growth organisations

Strategy & Policy Planning

Devise a clear strategy with a full view of the regulatory and legislative landscape

Stakeholder Engagement

Engage with key Government and regulatory stakeholders in a meaningful way at the right time

Information Gathering

Ensure you have the most valid information in the right moment when making key decisions

Pixel Strategic Consulting

Knowledgeable Advice When Making Key Decisions

Pixel works to help leaders in high-growth organisations make key decisions by ensuring vital knowledge and information is available at the right time.

Founded by Noel Rock, a former Member of the Irish Parliament, Pixel works with a hand-picked team of selected specialists to devise and execute high-level strategies for high-growth companies

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What are your rates? Where can I find them?

Rates are devised based on a consultation around the needs of the individual company. Pixel works with high-growth companies at various stages: from start-up, to scale-up, to market leaders.

This can be on a set project basis, or on an ongoing retainer, but all rates are based off a monthly retainer - we want to spend our time focusing exclusively on delivering outputs, not devising time sheets.


Do you only work with certain companies?

We focus on our strengths: this is primarily helping high-growth companies navigate changing regulatory environments. This is neither exclusive to big nor small companies.


Where can I best see your work and compare it to others?

We have worked with, and continue to work with, a limited spectrum of high-growth companies at various stages and would be glad to connect you with them in order to facilitate recommendations.

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